In my original Tyranny of the Trivial post, I picked on people who measure the length of their grass after mowing. Hey, it is easy to make fun of someone who is good at what I’m not good at! Actually, I love seeing a well manicured lawn. I appreciate the trimmed bushes, the plantings that look like they were put there on purpose (as opposed to some crazy experiment in nursery entropy!) In fact, there is a neighborhood in Denver, Colorado that  you pass as one of the routes from Cherry Creek to the airport. This neighborhood was built in the late 1940’s or early 1950’s, based on the home designs. Many of the houses have bushes that were probably tidy two footers when they were first planted. But now they are monstrous, hulking walls of green walling off the residents from the rest of the world. These things are thick, dense, and 30 feet tall! Well, to tell the truth, I will take the hyper focused guy on a zero-turn-radius mower over the green monsters any day!


As the original post lays out, the tyranny part comes in when we let small things — folding laundry, tidying the garage, washing windows — take over our lives because we don’t have anything else to do. Here in Michigan it is mid May. The temperature is a bit cool, but things are growing! My pool is open and the water is clear. We are just waiting for the water to warm up a bit more. This time of year there really is a lot of work to do outside. Yardwork is purposeful from now until October.

But we all know that November comes around every year. And then the rest of the winter months with their cold, dark, and I daresay depressing dragging on. At Beer and Peanuts we want you to thrive. As you enjoy your work outside, remember that there will still be 168 hours each week, even after the snow starts to fall. While you mow and weed, take a few minutes to review your plans for purpose, meaning and social contact.

And hey, take in a ball game or two this summer!

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